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عنوان: براستی خداوند کداميک را ميپذيرفت ؟
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اگر دروغ رنگ داشت ؛ هر روز شايد ؛ ده ها رنگين کمان در دهان ما نطفه ميبست

و بيرنگی کمياب ترين چيزها بود

اگر شکستن قلب و  غرور صدا داشت؛عاشقان سکوت شب را ويران ميکردند

اگر براستی خواستن توانستن بود ؛ محال نبود وصال !

و عاشقان که هميشه خواهانند؛هميشه ميتوانستند تنها نباشند

اگر گناه وزن داشت ؛ هيچ کس را توان ان نبود که قدمی بردارد ؛

تو از کوله بار سنگين خويش ناله ميکردی ...و من شايد ؛ کمر شکسته ترين بودم

اگر غرور نبود ؛ چشمهايمان به جای لبهايمان سخن نميگفتند ؛

و ما کلام محبت را در ميان نگاههای گهگاهمان جستجو نميکرديم

اگر ديوار نبود ؛ نزديک تر بوديم ؛

با اولين خميازه به خواب ميرفتيم و هر عادت مکرر را در ميان ۲۴ زندان حبس نميکرديم

اگر خواب حقيقت داشت ؛ هميشه خواب بوديم

هيچ رنجی بدون گنج نبود ... ولی گنج ها شايد بدون رنج بودند

اگر همه ثروت داشتند ؛ دل ها سکه ها را بيش از خدا نميبرستيدند

و يکنفر در کنار خيابان خواب گندم نميديد ؛

 تا ديگران از سر جوانمردی ؛بی ارزش ترين سکه هاشان را نثار او کنند

اما بي گمان صفا و سادگی ميمرد .... اگر همه ثروت داشتند

اگر مرگ نبود ؛ همه کافر بودند ؛ و زندگی بی ارزشترين کالا يود

ترس نبود ؛ زيبايی نبود ؛ و خوبی هم شايد

اگر عشق نبود ؛ به کدامين بهانه ميگريستيم و ميخنديديم؟

کدام لحظه ی ناياب را انديشه ميکرديم؟

و چگونه عبور روزهای تلخ را تاب مياورديم؟

اری بي گمان پيش از اينها مرده بوديم .... اگر عشق نبود

اگر کينه نبود؛قلبها تمامی حجم خود را در اختيار عشق ميگذاشتند

اگر خداوند ؛ يک روز ارزوی انسان را براورده ميکرد

من بي گمان

دوباره ديدن تو را ارزو ميکردم

و تو نيز هرگز نديدن مرا

انگاه نميدانم


براستی خداوند کداميک را ميپذيرفت ؟

عنوان: My life to me
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 officer can,hogan outlet online (http://www.labambinadellasestaluna.it), at that time to be a good officer. If you use the power to do some wicked things,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.pediatriaemergenze.it), can only make your life more gloomy. Die sooner! Of course, if you are a good officer as the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze upright and outspoken your life will be more brilliant! In your life you will die in another way to continue. That is to live in the hearts of the people.
 sometimes a person in the heart silently think: we came to this world is for what? Money? Status? Should not be right! I remember listening to the language teacher said such a sentence: "people are born to die!" Yes,mont blanc pas cher (http://www.clubarcane.fr), not until the end is a dead end? What money is really that important? Maybe now we should be more concerned about is to let the people we love, from our people, had better!
My life to me
Length > life is your grasp of life,tn pas cher (http://www.puyravault85.fr), if you are conscientious and work hard so your life will be is very substantial. You will feel the life is very short! On the contrary, if you wasted youth, abandoned their studies, career,goyard prix (http://www.chateaugiroud.fr), then you will have nothing to do all day is the day I felt how long time people feel! If you are that special person commit all sorts to do bad things, your life will soon end in death stage!
 I wish you all personnel to take advantage of their own life, take life to his master, your life will be very happy. Laugh: I don't live in this world to go back to the!
 is twenty thousand and seventy-five days. Every day you eat and sleep for twelve hours, fifty-five years you spent ten thousand and thirty-seven days. Ten thousand and thirty-seven days you have left. Minus five days a year you sick, fifty-five years you spent two hundred and seventy-five days in the sick! You have nine thousand seven hundred and sixty-two days left! You are only twenty-six years of time in office work! This does not include your entertainment, leave time, then ask: "do you still feel a lot of time?"
 some people say there is tomorrow! More time, I want to tell him: "you're wrong!" Life according to the seventy years of age to calculate, is twenty-five thousand five hundred and fifty, minus you're clueless about ten years,chaussure louboutin pas cher (http://www.chaudieresabois.fr), and 60 years is 21900 days. Minus your old age ill in bed for five years, you still have fifty-five years.
< p > also said: "life is short, but I still want to say you are wrong,scarpe hogan outlet (http://www.imcollection.it), 26 years time you can see 3 000000 book, also can see 20000 films, and their love of the people in 26 years. You can do a lot with this twenty-six years to do! In fact, the road of life is very long!
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  Djibouti came only to find out that they should look back up, walked to the edge of the forest. Here is a lone bamboo, compared with other bamboo, he is short and a little bent, and leaves are sparse. In the middle part of the bamboo, with a small nest.
عنوان: Resort committee director's speech
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resort committee director
's speech< p > three years, in under the leadership of the Resort District Working Committee,golden goose outlet (http://www.passport-tv.it), the CMC director and,hogan outlet online (http://www.sgs-italia.it), around the resort of the overall deployment, and global solidarity comrades wholeheartedly, overcoming difficulties ahead, work hard, good completed the tasks. Review their three years of study, the work process, mainly has the following profound experience: first, to persist in the study, and constantly improve the quality of their political business. General Secretary Jiang pointed out that practice has proved that the development of the cause of the party, the progress of the party's construction,nmd runner pas cher (http://www.weekandplus.fr), the quality of the Party cadres to improve, with our Party attaches great importance to learning, good at learning are inseparable." Learning and good at learning, also directly related to the improvement of the overall quality of the individual. Over the years, I adhere to actively participate in the organization of learning and hard self-study combined, adhere to the combination of learning and classical theory and modern knowledge. Reviewing the study of Deng Xiaoping theory, General Secretary Jiang "Three Representatives" thought, focusing on the study of WTO and computer operation knowledge, choose to learn the modern economic and trade, economic and legal knowledge. On the threshold of a new century, and the honor of being organization to municipal Party school to learn three months, learn about the latest frontier knowledge of contemporary, such as "three basic" (Marxism, Mao Zedong thought,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.madespa.it), Deng Xiaoping theory basic questions, "five contemporary" (the world of contemporary ideological trend, economy, science and technology,sac goyard pas cher (http://www.harpagophytumprocumbens.fr), law, military). Through the study, their world outlook, outlook on life, values obtained by calibrating and sublimation; through the study, to make their own political theory and professional knowledge has been enriched and updated; by learning to make their own to enhance the implementation of the party's line, principles, policies and consistent with the Central Committee of the party remained in political consciousness. Two, adhere to the efficient and quality services, and create a good investment environment. The development strategy of "attracting investment and doing business" is the development strategy of the resort. After the past investment mainly rely on the attractiveness of the preferential policy, adding to the world trade organization, according to non discrimination, the principle of national treatment, preferential policies of countries to resort more and less, and environment construction, especially the construction of soft environment of space and potential is very large,tn requin pas cher (http://www.forum-sirh.fr), become the focus of competition in the next step of the investment, therefore, environment is the advantage, and grasp the environment is to grasp the development, it will be the focus of our future quite a long time work. In recent years, around the resort's development strategy, keep in mind that "everyone is a resort area of the image, everything is the investment environment", for service enterprises as to create an environment, focus on cultivating investment attraction, initiative, enthusiasm for service enterprises, timely for Enterprise Co mediation must all kinds of difficulties, XX factory, XX factory and other enterprises electricity; XX factory and XX enterprise credit problems; XX brigade, XX tax issues. There are environmental fees, urban management fine, children's school, license inspection, security inspection, coordination and various policy advice and other aspects of a lot of work,hogan outlet online (http://www.red2-ilfilm.it), and achieved good results, to win the reputation of the enterprise. Three, adhere to the spirit of dedication, fulfill their duties to complete the work. Into the new century, the development of the resort into a new era, the establishment of the strategy of investment development,adidas nmd pas cher (http://www.weekandplus.fr), described the "two centers" of the development of the "blue"
Resort committee director's speech
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