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خانوادگان معتادان/الکلی ها یا النان و نارانان(Nar Anon و Al anon ) => قدمهای دوازده گانه الانان - انجمن نارانان / النان (خانواده های معتادان و الکلی ها) => قدم پنجم - انجمن نارانان / النان (خانواده های معتادان و الکلی ها) => نويسنده: sedighe در 29 مارس 2013، 01:31:52 am

عنوان: سوال 1 _ قدم پنجم الانان
رسال شده توسط: sedighe در 29 مارس 2013، 01:31:52 am
1 _ اگر ترازنامه اخلاقي قدم چهارم را كامل كرده ام ، پيرامون مشاركت كردن در مورد گذشته ام با فرد ديگري چه احساسي دارم ؟
عنوان: پاسخ : سوال 1 _ قدم پنجم الانان
رسال شده توسط: sedighe در 26 آوریل 2013، 03:44:41 pm
 1 _ بيشتر از همه ترس از قضاوت راهنما ..اينكه آيا ميشود واقعا به راهنما اعتماد كرد ؟ راهنما براي اعضاي گروه و همقدمي ها بيان نميكند ؟؟. ولي بعد مي بينم كه اينطور نيست .
  احساس شرم و خجالت با من حرف ميزد كه  لجبازي هايم را چطور بخونم ؟ اين راهنما به رفتار بچگانه ام نمي خندد ؟
 شخصيت كاذب ميگفت بي فكري ها و ندانم بكاريها را چظور شرح دهم ؟ .
  غرورم ميگفت كه تكرار اينهمه ساده لوحي واقعا خجالت آور نيست ؟ آب ميشي از خجالت ؟؟؟
.با شك و ترس ولي با اصل شهامت كه خداوند قبلا بمن داده جلو مي روم ...
 از طرفي هم خود ازاري و احساس قرباني شدن خوشحال بود كه ميتوانم با كسي درد دل كنه  تا آزارهايي كه بمن رسانده اند را بيان كنم ...
عنوان: Anelka in Shenhua training Droba Moreno return of undecided
رسال شده توسط: yvlf37pty در 21 آوریل 2016، 04:15:00 am
< p > in addition, Didier Drogba and Moreno rejoin date has yet to be fully determined, two people will be according to the actual situation,hogan outlet (http://www.madespa.it), arrange,golden goose uomo saldi (http://www.sli2011.it), Didier Drogba today's fastest touchs Shanghai, Moreno due to Beijing time Wednesday morning and a World Cup qualifier, the late May to to this Friday to return to Shanghai on Saturday can play against Liaoning Hongyun game to be determined.
< p > yesterday afternoon last night from the London Fanhu Anelka appear in Cambridge base, full participation in joint training team; Shenhua team, in the past two weeks to the day two to practice, adjusting for a training day,hogan outlet (http://www.aial.it), officially entered the preparing for the final stage of the season.
 Xu Ming
< p > Shenhua training yesterday started in the afternoon 4 when, prior to this,hogan outlet online (http://www.a4distribution.it), including Nicolas Anelka, players and coaches are early came to the base. Afternoon 3 when 30 points, the reserve team and a Spanish teams have a warm-up match,chaussure tn pas cher (http://www.cuisines-philippe-caen.fr), coach Batista and Nicolas Anelka,tn homme pas cher (http://www.jam-immo.fr), part of the first-line players, gleefully came to ringside watching half an hour. In the meantime, grandpa to coach team reported from Shanghai a few days physical condition.
< p > afternoon 4 when, start training team,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.mesegravidanza.it), in addition to not rejoin the Didier Drogba and Moreno, other people including Joel foreign aid fully in the column. Anelka participated in 1.5 hours of team training,hogan outlet (http://www.focolareasiatour.it), no "kaixiaozao".
Anelka in Shenhua training Droba Moreno return of undecided
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Because of the many clubs involved, how to punish the wisdom of the Chinese Football Association will be punished. The responsible person said: "through this two years of governance, professional league has improved markedly, and and many of the club body changed greatly, let the couple bear the blame for a number of years ago is not appropriate."
عنوان: How much I want to tell you
رسال شده توسط: bh47gsgere در 15 مه 2016، 05:24:56 am
I was a grass, a tree with humans long grass, a tree has so many things to say to man the grass.
   from the later, I from my friends that know, this kind of thing is a common. They may even have more sad experience. The tree grandpa told me that his family every day every year in deforested and destroyed; the flowers also told me that the original big family, brothers and sisters live together with my family to live together, but in recent years,golden goose outlet (http://www.comprensivoroncadelle.it), people built factories in order to build houses, and has not known directly destroyed the number of grassland, forest,nike tn pas cher (http://www.cuisines-philippe-caen.fr), indirect destroyed is the bird is on the side of too many to count; tearful recounting, once their "Bird Paradise" with the decrease of forest trees gradually disappear, once the largest number of birds,chaussure tn pas cher (http://www.cuisines-philippe-caen.fr), the passenger pigeon, just extinct in one hundred years,spaccio hogan outlet (http://www.pediatriaemergenze.it), once happy and free the bird is now being hunted, netting the worries of day and night. Birds also said that other animals and friends are also so, and on average there are 75 species of species extinction every day, there are 3 species extinction per hour! And all the culprits is human. From everyone's telling, I also heard the impact of these crimes of mankind on earth: sand dust storm to make the land desertification, earthquakes,ugg pas cher (http://www.2xsoftware.fr), tsunamis,golden goose saldi (http://www.osteriainpiazza.it), typhoons, "greenhouse effect""...... Who can not say that these are not caused by human themselves? And all this is not only to punish the human, but also to the earth mother's harm! < br / > the thought of mother earth is suffering,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.spazioufo.it), I can not help along with angry when the man you have the heart to see Mother Earth pale yellow,goyard soldes (http://www.chateaugiroud.fr), mind haggard, bear >
 one: I want to tell you
How much I want to tell you
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   So we choose from the university after the mountain path up the mountain. The mountain road started is not too good to go, not a few minutes I came out of the sweat of a body and farther on the road is steep, later it was on all fours, "climb". I accidentally feet also slightly wounded! Although very tired, I always stick to it, until the top of the mountain.
عنوان: Baotou rare earth production taste the sweetness of the insured
رسال شده توسط: yzhq82ury در 18 مه 2016، 06:31:15 am
and in October last year, steel clad steel released a stop notice, the company will stop production of its smelting separation enterprise a month. The reason is also due to the continued decline in the price of rare earth.
< p > it is understood,air max femme pas cher (http://www.abcd-web.fr), October 23, Baotou Steel Rare Earth was released EOL notice, said it will's application of Baotou rare earth ore roasting, smelting separation enterprise and application of Southern RE ore QUANNAN steel grain company, Xinfeng steel new company to stop production for a month. At the same time,hogan outlet (http://www.grupposantalessandro.it), the company to suspend the relevant roasting, smelting separation of raw material supply enterprises. After the four trading day, the stock fell more than 15%.
< p > for insured shutdown in Baotou Steel Rare Earth the initiatives, insiders have and in October last year,scarpe hogan outlet (http://www.primaveraitaliana.it), Baotou Steel Rare Earth first discontinued insured.
 at that time, there are analysts said that the current macroeconomic environment has not fundamentally changed, the market demand is still weak, the pattern of rare earth supply has not fundamentally changed. But different is that this year the price of rare earth has been close to the bottom, continue to decline in the space has little, production enterprises, the market tight supply, prices began to rebound in May will stimulate some businesses optimistic about the market outlook.
 part of the smelting separation enterprises continue to suspend production for 1 months, there are data show that since the steel clad rare earth in October 23rd announced the shutdown of some smelting separation enterprises,tn femme pas cher (http://www.pizzapouch.fr), as of the beginning of 11 some rare earth raw materials prices have risen about 10%
 following the October 23rd release of rare earth iron and steel, on the roasting, smelting separation of the announcement, in November 22nd the company once again issued a notice saying,golden goose (http://www.quadernoterritoriolecco.it), decided to continue production of the above smelting separation enterprises.
 data show that since the end of 11 rare earth rare earth in October 23rd announced the shutdown, as of the beginning of the part of the rare earth raw material prices have risen about 10%
< p > in the announcement on October 23, Baotou Steel Rare Earth on shutdown reason is due to the influence of macro economic boom, since 2012 since the second half of the year, rare earth market is more sluggish, rare earth products prices continue to decline and thinly traded. Baotou Steel Rare Earth Director Secretary,golden goose outlet (http://www.comprensivoroncadelle.it), deputy general manager of RI Hui Zhang said that as a rare earth industry backbone enterprises, the production wants to play a leading role model enterprise of bibcock of Baotou Steel Rare Earth, also hope that other rare earth enterprises added to production ranks, to further smooth the price of rare earth, protect the healthy development of the rare earth market.
< p > according to the company's third quarter report shows, 2012 1-9 month Baotou Steel Rare Earth complete operating income 82.62 million yuan, down 18.12%; net profit of 20.74 billion yuan,golden goose saldi (http://www.fast2fastnet.it), drop considerably compared to the same period 59.96, equivalent to earnings per share of about 0.648 yuan,scarpe hogan outlet (http://www.centrocliniconemosud.it), lower than expected. Some analysts believe that Baotou Steel Rare Earth deterioration in performance is mainly due to the price of rare earth products and sales were up sharply reduce led to a sharp decline in operating income; and sales of the company products are mainly high cost heavy rare earth and magnetic materials. Therefore, operating income up instead of down. And since the three quarter, the domestic rare earth market is still very low.
Baotou rare earth production "taste the sweetness of the insured"
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    Last April 30, Yunnan Tourism (Expo shares) announcement said the company under the controlled subsidiaries Yunnan Expo Xingyun Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Expo Xinyun real) related to land to be developed about 596.38 acres are classified as suspected of idle land, face the risk that the government free of charge to recover the right to use.
عنوان: Gynecology clinical practice
رسال شده توسط: dfg8x5sdfy در 25 مه 2016، 05:50:02 pm
gynecology clinical practice
Self identification of
Gynecology clinical practice
Self identification of
 we have been in obstetrics for a month, in this month, so I have learned a lot of solid professional knowledge. Department of Obstetrics and gynecology is different from other departments, the professional knowledge is very strong, to strive to learn to grasp the only real, regarded as is excellence.
< p > in under the guidance of Teacher Wang taught, every week we gain the theory of indoctrination, such as: specialist knowledge points,hogan olympia outlet (http://www.iispieralisi.it), matters needing attention and care. So that we can make further linking theory to practice, for example, to bath the baby should pay attention to what, although also not to us for a baby shower, but I can learn from. In addition in the delivery room, for the patient skin disinfection, I have the insufficient place, but I prefer to learn a lesson, in an effort to correct,tn pas cher (http://www.op-tracker.fr), try to do well.
< p > in the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology practice is coming to an end, in this more than a month during the internship, I obey the law, abide by the of hospital and department rules and regulations, respect teachers, unite classmates, strict demands on themselves,scarpe hogan outlet (http://www.ecovisionfestival.it), try not to be late, do not leave early, not absenteeism and trespassing since leaving the job. Treat the patient kindly, have a good attitude, and strive to apply the theoretical knowledge and basic skills to practice. In the process I constantly sum up learning methods and clinical experience, try our best to improve our independent thinking,hogan outlet (http://www.festivaldelleerbe.it), independent solve asked me in the undergraduate room during the internship, to comply with labor discipline, work conscientiously, inquisitive, can oneself in the books knowledge for practical. Under the guidance of the teacher, I have basically mastered the obstetrics and Gynecology some common disease nursing and some of the basic operations, is I from an intern gradually to the nurse excessive, which made me realize the particularity and necessity of clinical work. Previously learned in school is theoretical, now contact clinical found practical work the imagination is not that simple, not like the book said write so typical, a lot of time are usually rely on their own in the work experience, so the only solid into practice, well experience to slowly accumulated experience.
 obstetrics internship work, although busy, but busy with income. Regardless of any department, I will be positive efforts to do a good job! To * * hospital for a period of four months of practice will soon be over,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.centrocliniconemosud.it), this a few months, in unit leaders teachers carefully nurtured and leadership, through their own efforts,goyard soldes (http://www.achiary.fr), regardless of ideology, study or work, I have learned many, many. Although there are still a lot of strange places, but this practice can make the theoretical knowledge combined with the actual, is the
< p > by Department of gynaecology and obstetrics practice, consolidate the theoretical knowledge in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, familiar with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum normal process and its nursing, abnormal process and affected women care,hogan outlet (http://www.viatorni51.it), family planning, and women's health care guide content. At the same time, to understand the development of domestic and foreign new technology, new therapies, such as interactive family Mu blending Doula delivery, baby massage, infant swimming in family nursing technology as the center, to carry out nursing research,hogan outlet online (http://www.libervino.it), writing papers, the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality and improve students' practical skills.
 in obstetrics and gynecology practice
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  A happiness only belongs to two people! , one day, you and I in the accidental meet, your cruel words, my candid dialogue excite the slightest ripple, can you still accompany me, I do not know when, you care about words, passionate emotions, slowly collapse of the uneasiness in my heart, slowly let me with open arms to welcome you into my world, the heart began to appear a little ripples, love this slowly breeding.
عنوان: Remember a flight Flight -A, air travel Flight -A
رسال شده توسط: bcfg5b1ert در 30 مه 2016، 01:22:00 am
remember a flight in the air Flight -A English for you to collect
I still remember my first
I took
 that was the first time I was on a plane.
 on the plane I saw a movie and had a delicious meal. About two hours later, the plane began to land. I arrived in Xi'an safely;
 plane I saw a film and had a good meal,golden goose saldi (http://www.impresaedilebergamo.it). After about hours'2 flight the plane began to get lower,ugg soldes (http://www.2xsoftware.fr). I got to Xi'an safely.
 remember an air travel Flight -A,golden goose saldi (http://www.quadernoterritoriolecco.it), an air travel Flight -A model
 I like my first trip.
On that
 I arrived at Beijing airport early that day, and I started to board the plane after weighing the bags.
 plane is very big,scarpe hogan outlet (http://www.iispieralisi.it), is the Boeing 737. I sat down and fastened my seat belt. When the plane began to take off, I could see the earth moving backwards. And then the people on the ground are getting smaller and smaller.
 time to take a plane,hogan outlet (http://www.grupposantalessandro.it).
Remember a flight Flight -A, air travel Flight -A
That was my first
< p > the plane was very big, named Boeing 737. I sat down and fastened my seat belt. when the plane started to take off, I could see the ground running backwards.'Then people and cars on the ground looked smaller and smaller.
On the
.I enjoyed my first flight.
 a flight in Beijing Airport,tenis asics feminino (http://www.geraldwunderlich.com). I got there early. I had my bag weighed first,nike tn pas cher (http://www.auxdelicesdemarcopolo.fr). After a
 day I got to Beijing Airport early. After my bag was weighed I began to get on the plane,golden goose outlet (http://www.impresaedilebergamo.it).
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   I opened the drawer and took out ten automatic folding aid tents and small miniature microphone, micro camera. Sitting on the speeding car, came to the scene of the accident. I took out ten tents, according to the remote control, the tent became as big as the building, so that the people are living in, so I started to do the interview. To record a curtain. Do the live report.
عنوان: Chinese dream, I dream _1111112
رسال شده توسط: hfgh5t0wea در 31 مه 2016، 10:40:44 am
China dream, my dream
 dream is beautiful, but the dream and reality is often a step away. Now we are just a group of idealists, and our goal is to ideal into reality, to be a dreamer. Liang Qichao says: young wisdom, country wisdom, junior strong Guoqiang, juvenile male, and the earth,zapatillas new balance outlet (http://www.davidmfrost.com), the country male on earth. This gives us a profound revelation. Everyone is responsible for his country! Build China dream,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.festivaldelleerbe.it), we as a nation's future, the country's hope,hogan outlet (http://www.avantici.com/app.php), must shoulder their responsibilities. Nowadays, there are many people focusing on the social factors of disharmony and complained,asics brasil (http://www.geraldwunderlich.com), pouring out grievances about China "no" theory, but never put into action, even if someone asked him, he will said, flesh is weak, insufficient as well! " This seems to be a kind of wise type of helpless, in fact, is only a kind of coward mentality! Compared to other people, they are just slightly more sober, but they are still alleys in the sludge, is not really ideal. It China XX years of feudal society, the depression >
< p > in my dream, so a boundless sea, where there is no elsewhere cruel sinister, where the grace of the laws of nature. Warm waters,sac goyard pas cher (http://www.chateaugiroud.fr), the fish are free swimming and unrestrained; marine animals with the stream drift, bright color, dance but with no trace of selfishness; meat eaters have faded tusks. Began to change eating seaweed and plankton, fade the fierce and brutal, and fish shrimp were peaceful coexistence, common swim dance. Here, food is plentiful,ray ban outlet (http://www.coppaconti.it), there is no need to worry. Here, there is no ditch,mont blanc pas cher (http://www.recherchesimmobilieres.fr), no abyss, everything is so peaceful. Here, the law of the jungle will no longer be a rule, everything is so harmonious, here is a piece of endless paradise, here is the future of China!
Chinese dream,zapatillas new balance mujer (http://www.davidmfrost.com), I dream
< p > in my dream, so a piece of boundless universe, the beautiful stars eye-catching and Zhenghui, Madadayo distant Nebula dreamlike, stacked fan smoke in the starlight, endless reverie. In this magnificent universe, there are such a group of people they strive to explore the universe. They to the light of the stars and chase. In the way of their advance, the boundless universe, the more faint dark, perhaps in the darkness hidden countless dangers, but they believe, crisis is the bright opportunities is in front; they insist. In the end, the truth will touch and ideal on the front. In experienced many difficulties, they finally wore out the last barrier and appear in their eyes is the birthplace of countless stars, is the birth place of truth, is the real treasure throughout the universe. They finally realize their ideals, they found the true light. The universe is the future Chinese, the dreamer, is the future of the Chinese.
 Chinese dream like spring thunder bloom on the earth, people are immersed in endless reverie. The beautiful blueprint in the hearts of the people, the bright future in the waving to the people, calling. However, this is not only a dream, it is a strong future. This is my future, the Chinese dream, my dream.
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  At the beginning of the coach every day to give him the 300 rounds of ammunition for training, training him, always take it lightly, not aligned target just launched, the shooting achievement not always progress. Later, the coach to him change the training mode, only a day to give him a shot, if do not have hit the bull's eye, no separate training field.
عنوان: Hand in hand at the Haitian sauce network push for
رسال شده توسط: idh9bhe4u در 05 ژوئن 2016، 09:36:33 am
,hogan outlet (http://www.peacekokomo.com/bing.php)
Hand in hand at the Haitian sauce network push for mother's Day gift
< p > recently, Foshan many businesses play mother's Day promotion board, reporter survey found, Foshan local well-known brand Haitian sauce joined family marketing ranks, a high-profile launch of mother's Day gift,air max homme pas cher (http://www.horizonsgourmet.fr), more ingenuity combined with local well-known group buying websites, gathering held sales network.
< p > Tuanbai net friend Xiao Yao told reporters, "as a normal traditional fast moving consumer goods,new balance 574 outlet (http://www.baratasnewbalances.es), this discount is very alarming, for soy sauce,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.amatodante.it), the market a few cents difference would be a major promotional information, and with the shopping malls in the same commodity contrast, post competing over 10 yuan and package in the varieties of up to seven, also attached exquisite gift packaging, regardless of the brand,hogan outlet online (http://www.eplusplus-showcase.it), the components are sufficient to commendable." Friends went flying said,ray ban aviator outlet (http://www.hotelromana.it), "the Haitian this package is very practical, we often surf the net in the company, home, no too much time and channels to understand the kinds of gifts and the standard of living, the gathering network and Haitian sauce launched the gift to buy cheap and really."
< p > worth mentioning is that in addition to the buying spree, Haitian, together with gathering network launched "passion three dish recipes on the Internet, users weapon processing mother's Day intimate dinner. Jensen thinks every year the festival, many young people have this intention, but most of the time, selection of gifts unable to start,chaussure jordan pas cher (http://www.lemoulindesforges.fr), many people think gift is the gift, actually gift concept is very broad, can be a very plain and simple, perhaps many mothers when needed and not luxuries,sca goyard pas cher (http://www.luisquartet.fr), Youyanjiangcu tea is they have become accustomed to the topic. Information Times reporter Li Xia
< p > reporter in Tuanbai home see the Haitian sauce out of mother's day the supreme gratitude package price low to 6.8 fold, packs containing seafood sauce 500ml, special gold standard soy sauce 500ml, abalone juice 390g, soybean sauce 230g, garlic sauce 260g, universal and 300 g of fresh chicken, Sesame Oil 150ml and beautifully packaged, per account limit purchase of two parts. This rarely launched such concessions, but also the first such promotion through the network group purchase." Gathering network is responsible for Jensen said, they in the choice of products or services, is based on the design of the consumer needs, and give full consideration to the business reputation, safety and service, Haitian as "China Food Industry hundred enterprises, products and corporate culture are in line with the consumer's life, is also in line with the gathering of business philosophy.
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   One year later, Dangdang once again pushed its own clothing brand, Li Guoqing today given the reason is that Western clothing sales reached 6 billion, they can do its own brand. Dangdang has not reached the size of the sales this year, but in the preparation for next year. That, in the next year Dangdang clothing sales volume will reach 6 billion.
عنوان: The party introducer Views Party introducer comments template
رسال شده توسط: fgh0z1tersx در 07 ژوئن 2016، 02:34:44 am
The party introducer Views: Party introducer comments template
 since the comrades to participate in the work, has always been reflected in the reform,hogan outlet (http://www.a4distribution.it), the courage to innovate the spirit of work. Actively organize and participate in the work; sum up experience in a timely manner; strengthen the study, seriously study the business theory.
xx Comrade ideological and moral correct, solidarity comrades,hogan outlet online (http://www.iispieralisi.it), treat people with sincerity, has a good foundation for the masses to seriously draw the opinions and suggestions of the comrades, the courage to criticism and self-criticism.
 party introducer Views: Party introducer comments template
 the comrades before the party has always been to the citizen basic moral standard Communist standards,sac goyard (http://www.fankit-nintendo.fr), strict demands on themselves. Serious study of Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", consciously improve the ideological consciousness, moral quality.
 comrades to participate in the work, always work diligently and conscientiously,hogan outlet (http://www.utopiasolutions.com/test.php), has made outstanding achievements in the work. Loyalty to the cause of the party, a model to implement the party's policy, conscientiously perform their duties, professional and strong, determined to dedicate the cause of the party. In the actual work, regardless of personal gains and losses speak, earnestly study, consciously and constantly improve the level of business ability,hogan outlet (http://www.apostasywatch.com/post.php), theoretical level. The actual level of business ability, has always been the peer acclaim; excellent teaching results have been the unanimous praise of society and leadership.
Since the
xx during the probationary period to examine, in the political ideological consciousness and the Party Central Committee consistent to adhere to the basic principles, usually pay attention to study the party's knowledge,ray ban outlet (http://www.coppaconti.it), clear motives, attitude, in the party organization of training and education,air max pas cher (http://www.cuisines-philippe-caen.fr), and constantly enhance the party spirit accomplishment, firmly establish the proletarian world view, in politics continue to mature. At work, with good general situation view, whether assigned what kind of work, in what kind of position, are able to to a high degree of enthusiasm into them, the work of a conscientious and responsible,hogan sito ufficiale (http://www.muccaebufala.it), proactive, get the affirmation and praise.
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  We can take some human 's basic needs as an example we do not want to wear the same clothes all the time and we want better and better. We wish to live in a more spacious flat. Of course not all human beings are the same. For instance, some people try to climb up socially or politically all the time, while others never stop trying to make more money. The children long for new toys while the old hope to live longer.
عنوان: Supply and marketing contract of mechanical products
رسال شده توسط: hfg2vj1ert در 08 ژوئن 2016، 07:10:40 pm
 mechanical product supply and marketing contract
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1. yuan (capital) _>
 purchaser: _________
 unitThe amount of
 seller: _________
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The total contract price:
 (1) price composition:
 specificationsThe number of units of
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, 3,
, serial number,zapatillas new balance baratas (http://www.davidmfrost.com), name, type
Supply and marketing contract of mechanical products
 the seller and the buyer are willing to sign the supply and marketing contract and comply with the following terms and conditions:
< p > we - stilbene -- stilbene -- stilbene -- stilbene -- stilbene -- stilbene -- stilbene -- -- -- ",
, 5,
, 1,
 on April
 signing site: _________
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 signing time: _________ years _________ _________
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